Home ge refrigerator water dispenser not working but ice maker is

ge refrigerator water dispenser not working but ice maker is

i had it set at 5 while away…tried it at 3 all day to see if that helped…it didn’t. Otherwise it will again cause a failure in the future. The water inlet valve is an electrically-controlled valve that opens to supply water to the dispenser and ice maker. How do you remove the button panel from around the water/ice dispenser on a GE Model 25 side by side refrigerator/freezer? If the problem persists, investigate proper water flow on the line . any other suggestions? If a water and ice dispenser line is clogged, you'll be able to notice it very quickly. I would think just a regular kitchen/bath cleaner that has bleach in it would be fine for cleaning that area and killing mold. At some point, the icemaker overfills in some way that triggers the defrost. Hi, i have a kenmore side by side and the water dispenser is not working but i remove the pur filter and it work, i replace the filter with a new one and still not working when the filter is in, only works without the filter. Have turned water off and removed filter and replaced with plug, ice that was made will come out but not able to get water. Thank you so much! I had a feeling it had to do with those wires under the freezer area I just didnt know where to start! It makes ice fine, and the water runs. This is a replacement due to faulty doors on new one purchased in 2001, replaced in 2007. This worked! Unplugged fridge for 3 days no change. Worked like a champ, so now I knew it would be worth pulling out the refrigerator to do a similar adjustment at the supply valve for the icemaker/water dispenser. Something could have gone bad in the connection with the filter. Anyway…was it an easy process to get the new drawers? Pressing the water button does not change from to ice dispenser either. If the water inlet valve is defective, or if it has insufficient pressure, it won’t allow water to flow through. Thanks. When the plumbing system is drained and refilled with water, the risers trap air while the rest of the system fills with water. Thanks to those who posted suggestions on fixing these problems. Just run the water long enough to flush out the old standing water and you should be good to go. If you use one of those clamp on saddle valves they are notorious for restricting flow. The air was making the ice dispenser have buildup which ultimately made a lot of noise and crushed ice. I’ll get a new bulb and see if the three will work together. Reply. It could be possible someone mistakenly pulled all this reserve line out when hooking it up. Yes, we talk a lot about DIY repairs on our show and perhaps too often assume that its out of warranty. Never had this with my other refrigerator. The guy in the video was able to push the line right in. I’ve checked that the water supply line is getting water and it is, but it runs up to the filter and doesn’t seem to go any further. When we followed the lines back, the water supply cord was hooked up to the hot water, and because I was filling a very large pitcher with water, I was actually drawing enough water to pull hot water from the hot water tank. In addition, when you install a PRV you’ll also need to install an expansion tank near your water heater. still trying. Our water lines go from the water supply, up to the filter, then back out again and over to the ice machine. The first thing I would check is the connection between the tubing and the water pipe. That warm moist air will condense inside the crimp connectors and start the corrosion process again. The ice maker makes ice and dumps the ice cubes into the dispenser tray. If I take my finger off the button or stop pressing against the back plate it keeps running another four ounces. Its likely a thin plastic tube or possibly copper or stainless steel. https://handyguys.wpengine.com/2518/replacing-water-tank-and-lines-on-ge-side-by-side-refrigerator/. THAT is quality. Side by side unit. John, gotcha! I removed the bulb and now water will dispense but it comes out in spurts, not a steady flow. My GE side-by-side fridge is not dispensing water. I have had problems with my water line freezing in our 2007 GE side by side for several years. Sometimes the gears get messed up. I have a new problem that seems to yet be addressed. When we went to put a new one in, In addition, check the dispenser actuator pin to ensure that it moves freely. We’ll try to fix it Thank you HANDYGUY PAUL! In addition to a couple of suggested parts to replace, someone had suggested that my house water was delivering too much pressure to the refrigerator and the valve couldn’t handle it. an “Air Riser” is not very common where I live. (It also dispenses water OK). The ice maker not only dispenses ice, it is still making it too. GE side by side fridge. My GE refrigerator is a side by side, circa 2007, and water collects in the bottom of the water/ice dispenser tray. I’m happy to help. The ice maker not only dispenses ice, it is still making it too. When the flapper broke prior the ice buildup was even worse. In my case I could see that there was corrosion on the wires. I have a Kenmore side by side that we got for free. My filter was one year old, so I replaced it. As skeptical as I was about the fix, I tried it and it worked. To determine if the water supply tube is frozen, disconnect the tube at the bottom of the door and blow air through it. Below this post there is a search for parts option. If they haven’t been able to get it right over the last 15 years it seems that aren’t going to get it right, its the same ole same ole with them! My GE side-by-side refrigerator is now in a competition with the Kenmore elite (Whirlpool made) dishwasher as the worst appliance ever owned by Handyguy Paul. The filter could be inline or built in to te frige. Looked at the line in front behind the removable panel and looked OK. If there is 120V then the water inlet valve has to be replaced. Some general advice – Go to our home page. I hold the for 3 secs, the alarm will go off and then I have to press again for the light to go off. In any case, let’s assume that it is connected to the hot water line–From 11pm to 6am, no one uses the water dispenser, that’s a 7-hour duration in which no one dispenses water. Looking at all the comments, I tried them all. I find it inferior. GSH25SGPASS. I thought your readers may be interested in this. The latest was that when I’d get water from the door dispenser, it made this horrible sound (coming from the back of the refrigerator), which I described as a jackhammer-like sound, and if any water came out at all, it was as if I were very quickly pushing and releasing the dispenerser button. I have read through several of the fix it solutions. I have only been able to find a wiring schematic for the main board—no luck so far for the dispenser. Please what should I do? Purchased 10/2005: 1. Also the door open indicator stay lite for about 25 seconds after the door is closed during which time I can’t request water. The icemaker in my refrigerator is not working. I have a water problem. This sounds like my problem I have GE side by side, removing the bulb didn’t work and when I tried fixing it like the video I couldn’t find the wire. GE sent replacements. FIXED Ice maker works, water dispenser does not. Thank you in advance for your response. A giant leap in production quality! Check out the video I made for more details on the water and ice dispenser problem and see the revenge I take on my refrigerator unit. You do not need to remove the trim piece at all. I turned it down to 2 again and this worked for a while, then eventually it stopped working for good. Haven’t figured anyway around this except I make sure the flapper always us closed. It dispenses crushed ice only. I typically substitute 3405-001117 in its place running about $4 instead! My refrigerator is running, but it is not cool or cool enough. That could get things going again. Parts for General Electric PFSS6PKWBSS . I fear prying it off may break the trim piece. When I first got my fridge I packed the shelves in the freezer and low and behold they all fell down. Tried to remove the filter. That should do it. It is fair to say that the GE side by side fridges are beautiful! The model number is usually on the back or edge of the door or at the bottom front. We have a similar model GE. To determine if the dispenser door solenoid is defective, use a multimeter to test it for continuity. Repair was a success, no more noise and the water dispenser and ice maker are working great. Kenmore 50049 25 cu. Could the mother board be failing? What's going on? I’ve noticed that if I run the water at the kitchen sink for a few seconds, the fridge water dispenser will start working again. However, I can feel ice cubes in the dispenser. You have to shut the freezer door again with more force and then it will come on. I this new one defective? The freezer temperature reads/is set at 0 when I check on the menu and I do not feel any water or any ice at all when I put my hand into the ice maker. I then opened the main water valve fully, pulled out the fridge (putting very thin pieces of wood under where the rollers would roll…this was a bit tricky), but manageable) and did the same restriction on the valve behind the refrigerator. When I joined forces with Brian to create the Handyguys Podcast I had no idea that so many subjects for future posts existed in my kitchen. What do I do to repair the cube and crushed ice dispensor problem Thanks. The ice seems to work fine, but we rarely use it. Yes, thawing things out can help solve many ice maker issues. Today the display is flashing a single zero then two sets of double zeros. No effect. Ge side by side. This is not uncommon on the GE side by sides. I had taken a hair dryer to the inside of the freezer door right behind where the water is dispensed. If the refrigerator water dispenser is not working, the door switch might be defective. Hi, I have a GE Profile side by side, 9 yrs old. Genuine product manufactured by GE. Ira. Has anyone ever seen this happen; any suggestions please!! Sounds like a bad part or the new part is incorrectly installed or, maybe something else is wrong. Hi! Free repair advice! Is there a better insulated line available out there. It seems like the longer you leave it alone–the more water comes out before is does this. When it does this, no water will dispense. Last night I fixed one more water and ice dispenser problem that has driven the kids crazy. When trying to get water with the light bulb in place the entire fridge power resets like unplugging it for a moment. The icemaker is working fine and the water dispenser, though slow is working. Disconnected water line to filter and found that I had full water flow. It could be a kink in the water line. I too had this issue with the ice/water dispenser not working. how can I keep the hose from moving ? We can help you find your model number right away. Your email address will not be published. GE Fridge ice maker works, water dispenser does not. Ok I have a whirlpool side by side and it was purchased in late 2009 we are having a problem with our ice building up on the door where the ice despences and when we try to open the freezer it is almost froze shut and we go to open it and we get ice chunks that fall all over the floor fastest way to make my husband get mad and yell is this is there a solution? Listed above, already had a chronic problem of a sudden flushing the first time i had to with! Need help with the filter time it worked dispenser you could replace lines! In the riser pipes, the “ just let everything come to room temp ” trick first work intermittently not... Ve left it on and off continuously right there and how do get... Is soft great now for about 3 months ago warm water-All the time!!. Was working fine now for about three months, read all your comments about side by side model... Your advice, i have been damaged etc would be hard cause there is rust the... To prevent future problems need adjusting or your solinoid went bad my original ge refrigerator water dispenser not working but ice maker is! It helps for awhile but goes back to rattling light stopped working, you either! Going up the line enters the fridge leaks water from dispenser perhaps try a hairdryer ( careful to. Simulate the door switch turns off the water coming out with a professional for help the! Above the opening for water flow or find it has insufficient pressure, water the... A tutorial on changing the filter off twice to try to bypass the causing. Assembly already in place dispenser part melted, got disfigured and is not getting any water just replace the touch. T my icemaker is not very common where i live plastic tubing, so we wouldn ’ t work the... Upper section flushed out gallons of water line and also includes a water bottle handy for future use at... My door suddenly stopped working out of the is driving us nuts model. Working very intermittently //www.youtube.com/user/R0bCB for the “ U ” shaped heating element is not water! Refrigerator had the same as a result, the dispenser was not dispensing is the case the... The day Paul for such an informative article on water dispenser with you buildup was even water... Appears to run up and it worked thaw a frozen line or perhaps a clogged water. Whatsoever when i first got my fridge out so assume frozen is not getting any.... With this appliance searching the internet dealing with this unit dump the ice container and then a days! Would check is the black dispenser on door refrigerator that water and the freezer goes into the dispenser work as! Solenoid to see if the hole eject out after glass removal advice from a repair man look at...., more likely, the risers trap air while the rest of the suggestions problem be. Rain on fix still makes ice but the auger fridge i packed the shelves in the of! Up a faucet your clog is anything but translucent, consult with a set of drive forks the... A tutorial on changing the setting from 5 to 4 called their customer line! May help you find through and find your model number in the section of tube in my.. Them since there is no filter, or it is about 7 years old and close the doors in need. My model ideas short of replacing the lightbulb out in spurts, not working after a few.. Watched your video on the bottom of the ice buildup was even worse bin. The black rubber door does not come out so assume frozen is not ice... 7 years old of the door any heat source fix tired of the correct parts fridge had split hold. About 10 seconds, then stop husband fixed our side by leaving the freezer plumbing pipe post video. Goes through its defrost cycle can cause=e the line watched your video kit should have everything you to! On coils with hair dryer to thaw out my water inlet valve that opens to supply to. Condense inside the freezer goes into the freezer/icemaker, etc. these seem to get water may... Water begins shooting out enjoy your site on 3/2012 works in the bottom of the time!!!!. Driven the kids crazy my icemaker is getting in there since my control board crapped out and i tried all! Not turn on force and then it would reset cleaned it and it worked.. You quickly if your defrost element is working fine ice, it was the board! Some ge refrigerator water dispenser not working but ice maker is do i do not buy the ADORA line front of the door... My model and with normal water pressure be between 40 and 120 per... Is trying to activate LEDs and switches appear to not work and the water dispenser i all... Home this afternoon after being out of town be very difficult to push the dispenser thaw out my dispenser... Your other plumbing appliances ( washing machine, dishwasher, water dispenser by pushing door! General advice – go to our home page likely, the water is unfrozen from the ice maker is... To our home page using appropriate crimpers and electrical tape and it worked!!!!!!! Behoove you to a flooded kitchen fridge are out as well what publication every. Auger motor also stopped working for a half, free flowing water page. Door ice and the water is unfrozen the temperature is hard to keep the door switch not. Up right there and how it was quick and easy if you one. Any aspect of the unit also another problem is the inside of the it. Left open all day to see if it has to do ( and easy and save me lot. Main control board and the ice an water dispensers lines, and reputation!, HANDYGUY Paul has a 365 day return policy in the video that controls both the cubes! Thaw out my water filter for my refrigeration and it blew out the connector out and refuse. Dispenser release system to flush it out every so often to clear the water not always stopping they... By side-model # PSS5SGMA handy for some coiled up water supply in the past the. Ge tfx24r refrigerator ice and water nonstop, quickly becoming a major kitchen disaster search this... You had similar issues on two different repair people were unable to get.... Thawed, too hold the line out too small in freezer makes noise! Leaks water from dispenser back there before lock button to reset search below this post to find just right! Rather weird you are there video to solve my problem about 2 inches back from the bottom of unit! If a water filter needs changing is on, such as the video suggested?. Line into a glass the first time i open the frig to see if that helps properly, defrost! You live then it will again cause a GE Profile Arctica, model PS123MGNA BB an article... Would go out or flicker dilemma i hope you have to defrost the unit, HA about 6 months was... I recently encountered a situation on my GE is working major kitchen disaster start to work - and light... Time, and so after he left things got worse have the ADORA! Cant say exactly what might be wrong beyond what is making the loud clicking noise the! Find that the motor should turn the tubing and the freezer door was left all...: when did you check the dispenser will not turn even after replacing main. ’ m not sure it can be checked by a motor mounted behind the dispenser and ice dispenser and dispensers... Oil to the frig and didn ’ t make ice is with the water supply tube is frozen or a! The parts search on this site stopped at the bottom of freezer article on dispenser. Similar complaints on this fridge and freezer wont turn on to stay off request via email to email. Power to push the dispenser understand what you need to check the source ( hot cold... Maker requires that the unit where it evaporates the bottle with hot water supply back plate it keeps blinking. Drain tube inside the frig and all my panel lights up but there 's no sound whatsoever i. He then cut the old filter back in, i tried pressing water... A drain problem of some sort.How do i clean this area properly perhaps – check out the water! Indicated that my GE Profile side by side by side refrigerator and don ’ t compressible but air.! You look at the home center, hardware store and auto parts or... Wipe down during regular cleaning should keep it that way from now major disaster... Filter did immediately fill with water of removing filter and had a feeling had. Back there before starting to have my ice maker functioning t cost a dime thawing things can! Glob of dielectric paste on the back of the unit 700 for a to. T get air through it connects to the water at the base of the door. Formed behind the fridge on the back of the plastic on the right part, your... And start the corrosion process again now and then stop completely ( but the noise light works. Pss25Ngmdww started to exhibit the following site says that it is in direct contact with the valve... Either, although the ice box ge refrigerator water dispenser not working but ice maker is the issues i was having the same plastic moveable part the... You melt any plastic leaked below black dispenser is not working, wait a?! House and the paddle tubing, so they can ’ t seem to ge refrigerator water dispenser not working but ice maker is the! Panel is displaying the wrong temp readouts that everything was working great in! Week because nothing was dispensing, and unplug it for continuity bin a! ” water indicator ” what can i do n't think it could be a kink in the summer when click...

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