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2. Photos. Best Response Chufu. This breed is healthy and fast. Photo mode … Red Dead Redemption 2 In-Game Photos by the RDR2 Community. The guide below shows where to find the Smoking Pipe in RDR2: The Pipe is located in a hut east of Pronghorn Ranch, in the West Elizabeth region. 0 Kudos Share. This camera can be used to capture pictures from any angle the player character could realistically reach. If your camera has GPS capability (as iPhone does), or you’ve added GPS information to your photos, Photos can automatically display your photos on a map. RDR2 Photo mode save location Jump to Best Response. Xbox players can now take new shots in photo mode and save them, or upload them to the Rockstar Social Club. Aside from one location that's in Saint Denis, all Trapper locations are out in the wild, which is where you'll likely be hunting, so you don't need to worry about a lot of travel. They can be identified by their refined head and elegant build. In this guide we’ll tell the exact location where you can find the KKK in RDR2. LATEST RDR2 NEWS CLIPS. Inside the hut is a bear but you can throw some dynamite inside to take it down instantly. Herbs Location Alaskan Ginseng

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