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The 60th UPBS had been organized in Delhi during the celebration of Annual Congregation of disciples at Delhi Saraswat Sangh (Popularly known as Mini Sammilani) in 2005. Late Anath Bhai expressed his desire that a Bhakta Sammilani Should be held in Delhi, which took a real shape in 2011 as UPBS.

It is for the first time that UPBS was held outside Odisha. It is generally a hurricane task for BS to be organished in a metropolitan city in Delhi. But it had been very much well organized and successfully accomplished by His divine grace and devotees of Delhi were lucky enough to get an opportunity to involve themselves in this Mahayagna in the service of Shri Shri Thakur with his disciples (bhakta). For this, NSS has provided all sorts of physical and metal support and necessary inspiration to go ahead for the preparation of Bhakta Sammillani, for which DSS will always be obliged.