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History of Delhi SaraswatSangh


The entire universe is a manifestation of divine wish (Leela). The formation of Delhi Saraswat Sangh, unlike Saraswat Sangha across the world, is a historic breakthrough.

In 1981, Utkal Pradeshika Bhata Sammilani had been organized in Biratunga, the birth place of Shri Durga Charan Mohanty. Sri DD Pradhan, Sri R N Tripathy & Sri Prabhakar Mohanty from Delhi had gone there to attend the Sammilani wherein they thought of forming a Sangha in Delhi. After coming to Delhi, they all decided & spoke to the then Parichalaka of NSS, Shri Durga Charan Mohanty and got his consent/approval to initially start a Pathachakra at the Govt Quarter of R N Tripathy at Laxmi Bai Nagar, New Delhi. Though it started with few members (3 Bhai & 1 Maa), however with due course of time, some disciples like Sh Jagdish Chouhan, Late Dwarikanath Tripathy, Sangram Dhar, Tapan Mohapatra, KC Pradhan & late Paramananda Sahoo joined them and finally DSS was formed with due approval from NSS, Puri. The conversion period of Pathachakra to Sangh (DSS) was a period of spiritual thirst among all disciples to materialize the wishes of Shri Shri Thakur.

In the meantime the Bye law of DSS was formulated and got registered in the Society of Registration office in Delhi. That was completed in 7th July 1995. In this context, it will be suffice to mention that DurgaCharan Bhai had advised Sh Pravakar Mohanty to help flourishing the ideology of Shri Shri Thakur in Hindi Language. Prabhakar bhai was very much inspired and determined too to do that Seva. To start with, he, on behalf of DSS translated few books in Hindi. Some of them are Bachon ka Nigamanada, Sadguru Nigamanand, Nigam Upadesh, Vedanta Vibek, Bramhacharya Sadhana, Yogi Guru, JnaniGuru, Tantrika Guru, Premika Guru, Shri Shri Guru Gita, etc. With the blessing of Shri Shri Thakur, these books had been brought to World Book Fair at Delhi. Later on some of the Hindi speaking people read the books and came to know about Shri Shri Thakur and joined DSS.

Before formation of DSS, the members were attending the Pathachakras at Sh Pravakar Mohanty’s residence which was not convenient to all of them, as a result of which, they decided to buy a land and build an Assan Mandir at some convenient location. At that time, all the members had contributed as per their ability totaling to only Rs. 5 lakhs but astonishingly a building was constructed at a cost of rupees 25 lakhs by the Grace of Shri Shri Thakur. The registration of the land was done in 7th. July, 1999. However, this construction process grew momentum and took the shape of a full-fledged Assan Mandir. On 5th  December 1999 members of DSS were able to worship Sri Sri Thakur in the temporary built Asan Mandir for the first time in Delhi which was in the name of Sri Sri Thakur. During that function the then senior Governing Body member, late Shri. AnanthBandhu Pradhan Bhai desired to have Bhakta Sammilani at Delhi.

A mini Sammilani was organized during the Annual Function of DSS in the year 2009 in the presence of 750 devotees from all parts of the country which provides some exposure & experience to the members of DSS to organize the forthcoming Bhakta Sammilani.

Finally, 60th Utkal Pradeshik Bhakta Sammilani – Golden Jubillee Ceremony of Sammilani (2011) was held at Delhi for the first time and it was the first such happening outside Odisha. It was generally a herculean task for Bhata Sammilani to be organized in a metropolitan city like Delhi. However, to everybody’s astonishment, it had been very much well organized and successfully accomplished by His divine grace and the devotees of Delhi were lucky enough to get an opportunity to involve themselves in the service of Shri Shri Thakur with his disciples (bhaktas). For this, NSS had provided all sorts of physical and mental support and necessary inspiration to go ahead for the preparation of Bhakta Sammillani, for which, DSS will always be obliged.

Presently, DSS (Delhi Saraswat Sangh) has around 100 members and approx 110 members are regularly attending the weekly Sangha Puja, which usually takes place on every Sunday. The president & Secretary of DSS are constantly striving to make all the members be involved in all the activities of Sangha to cherish the ideology of Shri Shri Thakur. In addition to weekly Sangha puja, DSS also celebrates its annual day (2nd weekend in July) and the Birth Anniversary of Shri Shri Thakur in Jhulana Purnima. Every Year a “ShikhyaAdhibesan ” (class puja) is organized in the presence of one of the members from Kendra Parichalana Mandali to impart the principles( 2nd weekend of Novemeber), theories and ideologies of Shri Shri Thakur, in an attempt to make it possible for all members to attend this.

To fulfill one of the three wishes of Shri Shri Thakur, i.e. , “ShiveGyaneJibaSeva”, DSS organizes Blood Donation Camp, Plantation of Trees ( Nature Care) and camps to serve drinking Water and Sharbat at Rathayatra in Jaganntah Temples in New Delhi, Blanket Distribution to needy People, Participating in Book Fare, Etc.

Moreover, to make DSS self sufficient, many devotes have started living around Ashram with permanent accommodation. In addition to this, a “permanent BhogaPanthi” has been formed to make the NityaBhoga for Shri Shri Thakur devoid of any financial constraints. Also, a permanent NityaSevakPanthi has been created to ensure the availability of Sevaks for sevapooja of Sri Sri Thakur.

DSS is also bestowed with an additional Seva of taking care of Rishikesh Ashram on behalf of NSS, Puri. Besides, regular and periodic visit by members of DSS to Rishikesh to help Swami Yogananda Saraswat (Kuber Bhai) in the smooth functioning and maintenance of Ashram, an annual puja is organized every year ( 2nd weekend of May) wherein 100s of saints from nearby Ashrams are invited to attend the Puja with the basic objective of flourishing and “Spreading Sanatan Dharma”.